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Socius-IT products and services can help make a significant contribution to the expansion and development of any global mobile communications and fixed network infrastructure. Our use of high-quality components and customer-specific solutions help guarantee perfectly functioning solutions – whether copper, optical, wireless or just field engineer support.


Starting in the industry from the basic cabling level has provided Socius-IT with a strong infrastructure knowledge and has enabled the grass roots development of a skill set that allows us to be able to provide a bespoke field engineer support for the data centre and large switch site environment.


Creating and maintaining networks that are capable of running high data volumes is a complex task involving high investment costs. The quicker a network is installed, the faster the return on investment. Our clients value the fact that reliable solutions from Socius-IT will be installed efficiently and economically.

Local Area Network (LAN)

Local Area Network requirements increase continuously generated by the growing needs of the information society and by the fast rising data volume. Socius-IT provide innovative connectivity solutions to help meet the requirements of the highest bandwidth, whilst reducing the installation time and costs

We offer products, systems and services providing solutions for customer networks, i.e campus cabling, backbone cabling, horizontal cabling, patching services and equipment installation.

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